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AWS GenAI Tools

Practical AWS Examples

This is a collection of practical examples of using AWS in Javascript. We're going to add more and more examples over time.

Get the number of invocations for Lambda functions in the last 24 hoursMonitor and Notify When Approaching Service LimitsGet Current IAM Identity TypeScriptCalculate the Size of Each S3 Bucket and Find the One with the Most DataHow To Determine If A S3 Object Exists TypescriptUpload File to S3 Using AWS S3Client TypeScriptCalling Lambda Functions From Another Lambda Function: A Comprehensive GuideFind Out Currently Assumed Role IAM Permissions in Typescript and AWS SDK V3Find First IP Address in VPC That Can Be AllocatedScan and Find Security Groups That Are Too Open Common PortsCreate Presigned S3 URL for Uploading TypeScriptFind and Tag Unattached Elastic Block Storage Volumes to Optimize CostsStep By Step Troubleshoot Why My Route53 Domain and Cloudfront Distribution Is Not WorkingCleanup Unused AMIs and Snapshots Older Than 30 DaysCalculate Dynamodb Table Overprovisioned Read And Write Capacity Units Based On Last MonthDelete Old and Unused Lambda Function Versions using TypescriptFetch AWS Cost and Usage Data to Determine the Most Used ServiceCreate Presigned S3 URL for Uploading using AWS SDK v3 for JS and TSTroubleshooting Why I Can't Connect To My EC2 Instance By SSHGet AWS Billing Details for Last MonthAWS SDK V3 Lambda Invoke TypescriptFind and Deprovision Unallocated Elastic IP Addresses to Save CostsDetect and Stop Underutilized EC2 Instances Based on CPU MetricGet All Not Versioned S3 BucketsGet the total cost of AWS CloudWatch for the current monthList and Categorize S3 Buckets by their Public/Private Access SettingsCreate Route53 Cloudfront WWW Redirect To Base DomainGenerate a Report of EC2 Instances by Type, Running Time, and RegionQuery for Reserved EC2 Instances That Are About to Expire